Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Simple pleasures

Two small things which have been joyful experiences lately.

1. We made some ice cream out on the deck. Let it grind away until the motor stopped. Ate a little that night, but it really came alive once it "ripened" overnight in the freezer. I think we will also try ice milk and some sorbet. Sub-pleasure: got to use ice from the icemaker to do the ice cream. We've never had an icemaker before.

2. My old coffeemaker bit the dust after about 15yrs of loyal service. I bought a replacement at SuperTarget (luvs me some Target) and it has a timer feature. So coffee is made when I get up in the morning. Again, it's a tiny thing but it's lots of fun getting up and stumbling over for some of that black elixir.

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