Monday, November 3, 2008

Election tomorrow

I have two main thoughts about the election tomorrow:

* I think this is the most important election since I started voting in 1984 as a young soldier in the US Army. I did the Early Voting thing last week and I got a little choked up doing it; I've never had that reaction to a vote before.

* I believe the US will thrive with either Obama or McCain at the helm; I don't think we've ever been in a position where we have two excellent candidates to choose from. I think Obama will win and I think he will be an inspiration to us and to the world. I believe that if McCain pulls off a win from behind he will govern with the judgement, integrity and tolerance that comes natural to him. We just can't lose either way.

I look forward to the election results with a sense of hope for my family, my community, and my country. I look forward to the cessation of foreign entanglements and a return of American soldiers to our own soil, out of harm's way. I look forward to citizens of all beliefs and political parties working together to rebuild our reputation and standing in the world.

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