Monday, January 19, 2009

pulled the trigger

Holy Crap.

I have been moaning and whining for a year about how the (probably illegal) unpaid overtime at my job was interfering with my ability to test, take classes, and apply to ISDs as an intern teacher. We had literally been working "extended hours" for the past 12 months straight. Literally. Before that it was at least on again, off again so we could get a little rest.

When I interviewed for that job they mentioned occassional overtime. "Sure," I said, "there are situations that require overtime. But if overtime becomes normal then there is something wrong with the situation." There was something wrong with the situation. *

So I put my money where my mouth is. I paid off my debts**, socked away enough to survive for a while, and quit my day job. I have bet my future on my ability to teach, and find work teaching. If I were not confident in my abilities I wouldn't have done this in the middle of a giant economic crash, DISD layoffs, etc.

My last day was Jan 15th. I have had two incredibly productive days since then, meetings with Region10, Richardson ISD, got biz cards printed up, rounded up references, etc.

My hat is in the ring for substitute teaching in RISD; I hope to use this to:

  • bring in some small $$$
  • get classroom experience
  • make my name and face known to the teachers and administration

Today I am reworking my resume and submitting apps through the Region10 website. Will let y'all know how it goes.


* I came home and threw away my headset. I will do my best not take another callcenter job in this, or any other, lifetime.
** mortgage and student loans remain, the so-called ('good debt')

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