Saturday, February 28, 2009



I picked up a HDHomerun; it's a networked, dual-tuner DTV device. It grabs the DTV stream (HD, SD, whatever) and slings it over to your windows/mac/pc or to your mythtv/mediacenter/dvr.

Our main DVR is a 2 tuner DirecTivo with a 300GB drive, but DirectTV is $60/month. I have built a MythTV box (using the excellent MythBuntu distribution). I already had a twin-tuning Hauppauge PVR500 card in there for grabbing analog cable. The networked HDHomerun adds two more so there are 4 tuners in the myth box.

I am seriously considering dumping that $60/mo DirecTV feed and getting our TV free over the airwaves, timeshifted on the Mythbox.

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