Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

Looks like minimal damage to the trees around my house. Nothing big and obvious down as far as I can see.

Streets are slushy but I walked around and found no ice.

A small tree (or large photinia shrub, actually) toppled this morning a couple of mins after I took the first picture; you can see the branches in the upper right corner of the the picture. It was scraggly, bent, and probably needed to go anyway.

Didn't land on anything and didn't appear to cause any damage at all. That's cool, because it could have fallen on the glass greenhouse in the background there. Yay, our team! I've got a small chainsaw and axe so I can probably remove most of it myself. We'll see.


  1. What the hell is that????

    We have law against frozen stuff falling from the sky here in Tampa, where it generally stays well above freezing like God intended it. :)

    I think we've had snow twice in my life time. It might have totaled a half inch, if you add together both times. Hardly enough to scrape up a dirty snowball.

  2. Weird, I know. 12"+ of snow; the most snow in Dallas in one calendar day since records have been kept.

    Got the tree sawed up into smaller bits but got too cold and came in. Will cart the bits off over the weekend. Our city does a good job picking up big chippable bits if you call them and let them know.