Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DMN survey is not good news

Looks like folks that are registered on dallasnews.com got a survey invite:

The Dallas Morning News and DallasNews.com would like to invite you to participate in a survey that will help our writers and editors learn about your opinions on digital media and the news. If you participate, you will help us provide better news and information through both traditional and new personal digital products. All answers will be treated as strictly confidential

It would be in poor taste to publish all the details, but overall the survey suggests that DMN is so freaking out of touch with the online audience that they couldn't "find their ass with both hands", as my father used to say.

Behold the lunacy:

  • All subscription options involved a contract of some kind.  A contract.  A committment. Really?  
  • All subscription prices were based on particular subject areas (shopping, entertainment, etc) which are bought separately, at jaw dropping prices you will see next
  • All subscriptions per subject area were $1-$6 per month, up to a max of $20.  That's up to $240/yr!  Ha ha ha ha ha! Yer killin' me!  hahhaha!  That's a good one!
My professional opinion:  someone/everyone is smoking crack at DMN.

My unsolicited advice to DMN
The cost:  You might get $20/yr for all content combined out of some people.  You definitely aren't going to get $20/month in your wildest, most unrealistic, incestuous/inbred boardroom strategy sessions.    If you could make that $10/yr for all content folks might consider that a good deal and might do it just to support their hometown paper.[0]  For $240/yr you can get low-end internet feed.  THE ENTIRE INTERNET, not DMN.

Rewarding print subscribers:  If there is any kind of paywall, the online content really should be free to anyone who is still has one of the dead tree edition subs.

Rewarding crowdsources:   if you start a paywall, you BETTER be giving free access to your citizen contributors like Destiny and others who are doing your freaking job for free.   Pay attention:  if you charge us and don't give contributors access for free, then your contributors will monetize their own blogs instead and let the free market teach you a painful lesson.  

The contract:  Don't do that.

ex-DTH subscriber
daily dallasnews.com reader

[0] regardless what they did to the DTH in the past.  Bastids. v

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