Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tree down

Part of a tree is down in the back yard this AM. No damage at the moment.  Will post more as I get it figured out.


Ok, got it largely sorted out.  Redbud had some trunk rot, and half broke off.  I used my small electric chainsaw to hack up everything of appropriate size in order to make working room and get the limbs under COR 7' specs.

The fall didn't destroy anything, but the remaining trunk was revealed to be hollow and dead.  Called a couple of tree companies to come and estimate the rest of the removal of the 36' tree before something bad happens with the remainder of it.

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  1. Tree was taken down by a local company recommended by neighbors: Klime Time. They also trimmed the dead stuff out of the other trees and stacked everything neatly on the curb for BABIC.