Friday, February 11, 2011

First impressions: LG 509 (Optimus T)

As I mentioned before, my G1 is getting very stressed out with all I'm asking it to do. Not angry birds or anything like that, just some practical multitasking.

The Optimus reports 205MB completely free RAM and another 95MB accessible if needed (non-critical app memory). This is huge, huge, HUGE for me. No stuttering, no hangs, just multitasking goodness. I am a happy boy.

Although I do not really care about cosmetics, it is definitely a better-looking handset than the G1.

Better battery life so far, although this may just be my imagination.
{Update: not my imagination. Optimus lost less than 10% overnight; the G1 lost 25-40% in the same time period.}

Will post more as my familiarity increases.


  1. Is this the one you got?

    Or was it the Hanna Montana one?

  2. Mine has a wizard riding a unicorn, in front of a rainbow. RennFaire FTW.

    A couple of years ago I was looking for a small guitar headphone amp and got a Hannah Montana amp (purple, no flowers) for $10 shipped. Works great.