Wednesday, July 13, 2011

el cheapo PJ arrives

Got the projector. Took less than a week from paypal to Chinese seller to delivery via DHL. Double boxed and packed quite well:

Since we were in the middle of playing Halo when the other PJ died we picked up where we left off:

It was dusk outdoors and you can see light from the windows in the top of the pic.

Our first impressions of the hardware:
  • it's not a small projector but fits on the small table we were using before.
  • very effective "squirrel cage" type fan makes some noise but keeps temps very reasonable: 100F on the case and 130F exhaust. I do not worry about overheating.
  • no zoom, which we knew ahead of time. Have to move it forward/back
  • remote and buttons on pj are generic but useful. 2x/aaa required for remote. It's strong enough to bounce off the projection wall rather than point at the pj.
first impressions of the projected image:
  • it was rather harsh and washed out.
  • There are several different profiles: standard, movie, vivid, and user. Movie was considerably better and less intense so we started messing around with the user-definable setting. We ended up with:
Contrast: 40
Brightness: 40
Hue: 50
Sharpness: 40

At this setting I'd say the RCA/Svideo quality is about 90% that of the old PJ. The SVGA input is really good, and is at least as good as the old PJ.

Ran it for a few hours the first night: netflix DVD, netflix stream via wii, halo on xbox.

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