Sunday, February 3, 2008

Galaxy Drive-in

The Dear Wife and I packed up the dog and drove down to the Galaxy drive-in down by Ennis. Easy drive from Richardson (about 45mins, instead of 2.x hrs for the Brazos in Granbury).

$6 for adults for a double feature. There are four screens, and they have in general done a fine job with the whole experience. The announce (RCA Jack, get it?) was amusing, the lots were in decent shape, the screens were in good shape, bright, and in focus. They have the vintage window-hanger speakers in addition to FM broadcast.

We saw Cloverfield, which was pretty good. We were tired and did not stay for the second feature.

Win: Generous portions and fair prices in the snack bar. Pets allowed on leashes. Employees seemed to be having fun and happy to work; a family deal maybe? No distracting peripheral lights (as with the old Astro).
Lose: Asshats in SUVs, but what's new about that? Bathrooms could use some TLC.

Galaxy Drive-In Theatre
5301 N. IH-45
Ennis, TX 75119

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