Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Experiment: yeast harvest from Sierra Nevada Porter

This experiment is not intended to yield a usable yeast. Rather, it gave me an opportunity to sterilize my implements, can some wort, mix Iodophor at 12ppm and re-learn good sanitary techniques.

The slurry from the bottom of my last SN porter was pitched into about a cup of previously-sterilized wort from a pint mason jar. It's in an autoclaved (pressured cooked 15 pounds for 15 mins, really, but that's longer to say) Topo Chico bottle with a bubbler-style airlock on top.

I would be very surprised to see any action at all, but it's a cheap experiment.

Will likely make a real starter for the liquid Weizen yeast vial that's in the fridge, because it was shipped on the slow boat.... Gonna try to brew that this Saturday afternoon.

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