Sunday, March 2, 2008

First brew in the new house

Made a yeast starter Thursday out of a pint of autoclaved wort and the liquid yeast culture (White Labs WLP300). Airlocked it in a 1/2gal jug.

Cranked up the propane burner (a repurposed turkey fryer) on Saturday and brewed 5gal of weizen on the deck outside. The monster propane burner made a huge difference in the overall brewing time; the water came to the boil very quickly and was finely controllable after coming to the boil. Cleanup was easy with a water hose.

Pitched at around 1530; by 2000hrs there was some bubbling. By 2330 hrs I had to install a blowoff. Now a half-day later it's still blowing krausen through the blowoff.

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