Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Economic Stimulus scammers

I have found three main ways that mortgage scammers try to fleece folks with misleading mail:

1. the original "Important mortgage communications -- answer immediately!" scammers, who suggest their junkmail scam is from your lender.

2. the "Important information about your VA Loan -- open immediately!" scammers, who suggest their junkmail scam is from the Veteras Administration. Nice, huh?

3. the latest one "Economic Stimulus Program -- Do not throw away! Economic Relief Voucher Enclosed.", who suggest their junkmail scam is a stimulus check (ie, from the US Treasury).

In case anyone has questions about this fine company, I have included their toll-free number below.

Center for Stimulus Relief

Again, to folks who are getting their first mortgage: read EVERYTHING carefully, and contact your lender if you have questions about what is a scam and what is not.

BTW, my last few posts have been whines and gripes. Let me give a glowing recommendation:

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Scott Broyles treated us with respect and professionalism, and helped us get into the plain vanilla 30yr VA loan we were seeking.

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