Monday, June 1, 2009

deconstructing Pizza Villa

First off, if you haven't eaten at Pizza Villa I encourage you to give them a try. Closed Sun and Mon. Order ahead (for dine-in or take-out) if you don't want to wait 25mins. Small hole-in-the-wall, BYOB.

Because I am a dork, I found myself staring that the list of pie sizes wondering which is the better deal. Prices here are given for the cheese (ie, no topping) pizza.

S 8" @ $4.20, 200 sq/in pizza = 2.10 cents per sq/in of pizza.
M 10" @ $6.30, 314 sq/in pizza = 2.00 cents per sq/in of pizza.
L 14" @ $10.75, 615 sq/in pizza = 1.74 cents per sq/in of pizza.
G 16" @ $14.30, 804 sq/in pizza = 1.77 cents per sq/in of pizza.

Our winner here is the 14" pizza at 1.74 cents per square inch of pie, and the 14" is about perfect for two people. Dear Wife and I have been getting individual medium 10" pies but tried out the large 14" this time. Notice that the L is just slightly smaller than 2x the M. But after we split it we still had 1 slice left over for person. Sounds perfect to me, keeps PV from having to buy an extra box and we save ~$2.

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