Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Got my second ISD rejection letter today.

I am being optimistic about it, and noting that to reject my app they at least had to know it existed. So that's better than nothing.


  1. A teaching position (Social Studies, as my degrees are in history).

    I've got classroom experiece teaching adults, and am currently in an "alt cert" program for Social Studies 8-12. This used to be called "Social Studies composite" because it covers history, government, sociology, pyschology, economics, etc, instead of just history proper. I am, in NCLB terms, "highly qualified" but certified teachers are picked before us alt cert kids...

    I quit a Real Job at the end of last year to focus on my alt cert and getting a teaching job. Great timing, what with the economy imploding and all that... So either I am stupid or exceptionally confident in my teaching abilities.

    The job scene for SS teachers is somewhere between "grim" and "desperate". Doesn't help that in sports-obsessed Tx, SS teachers are also expected to coach The Football. Arrrghhh, I remember how many failures-as-a-teacher History Coaches I had in high school. There are renaissance folks out there that can do both well, but not many IMO.