Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wiley Coyote

Was out bicycling last night around 11pm, near Glenville/Windsong.

[What appeared to be] a coyote was standing in the road. As I rolled close enough for identification he noticed me and took off into the undeveloped area to the east.

Yes, I lived on a farm and know what coyotes look like.


  1. I've seen coyotes around Richardson for years. Foxes too. I saw a fox in the creek around Beltline and Hyde Park a few weeks ago. Coyotes have been sighted near the new fire station at Waterview and Arapaho. I've also thought the creek systems running through our neighborhoods offer enough protection for them to continue. Plus, every time I see a lost dog sign on a post, I begin to wonder...

  2. I had one traipse through my front yard at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon a few months ago. (Waterview & Beltline) I called animal control and they said Richardson 'has a problem with coyotes,' and then went on to inform me that they are really hard to catch and once they do get them they just take them to some land out in East Texas and release them.

    After I spotted mine, and told some neighbors, I started hearing a lot of disturbing stories....let's just say I don't leave our doggy door open anymore at night for fear that my children might be eaten. (: (not that that's funny, it's not)