Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long term sub


There is a kind of substitute teaching gig called Long Term Sub (LTS) in which the sub covers for a teacher for weeks or months.

An LTS has a classroom, students, and a curriculum. It's effectively short-term teaching rather than placeholding in the "teacher has a day off" category.

Alt cert candidates consider LTS to be a stepping stone to a teaching job.

Why I'm telling you this

I have an LTS position in RISD that will run Aug-Nov, then it's back to day-to-day subbing. It is not in my field of certification but I look forward to the challenge.

The teaching job market is just vicious right now. A principal recently told me that it used to be common for teachers to get pregnant and quit teaching. Now they come back after the kid is born because their husband lost his job and they need the benefits.

[edited to correct spelling and to remove a few sentences that sounded harsher than I intended.]

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  1. LTS is a pretty good gig. My wife (regular cert) was a stay-at-home mom for a while. Then the telecom industry tanked and I was forced into a new career. She was a sub in Wylie. Her few months there as a LTS (and sporadic daily work) helped her build a good relationship with the team that eventually hired her as a permanent teacher.