Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another reason to love Mickey$oft

MS slips a Firefox extension in a windows update. It makes FF users vulnerable to IE-style drive by infections, and is nearly impossible to remove.

Yes, it's not enough that they make their own software into virus incubation tools. They want to infect everyone else, too. Now watch them claim that FF is no more secure than IE after poisoning the well.

Nice. When you get sick enough of the MS crap, take a spare PC and install linux on it. Ubuntu is probably the easiest to get started with.

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  1. Yeah I'd heard the same thing and ended up having to reimage a Win laptop to get rid of it. I'm not sure if it was possible to hate MS more. The latest update to FF seems to block the add-on. Good for the Mozilla guys, fight back against the Man!

    I'm a recent Ubuntu convert. I've used a modified Red Hat distro (SME 7.4) with LAMP on a home server for years as a gateway, web, file, print and e-mail server. But it doesn't even come with a desktop by design. My lovely wife got me a Dell Mini 10v with Ubuntu 8.04. It is really easy to use and out of the box had most of what I needed on board. I tried Puppy Linux, other versions of Ubuntu, like UNR and Moblin on Ubuntu, but came back to the orginal config so I could keep the paid media codecs in place. But I'm geeky that way and the first thing I do new hardware I see what else I can make it do. :) Got a newer version of Ubuntu running in dual boot on the full size laptop that got the MS "update" for FF. I'd like to abandon Windows altogether but the wife like to do video chat with Yahoo with family overseas and I have some games the don't work well at all under Wine. So until the state of things improve I guess I'll keep limping on with Win a while longer.

    BTW, had a long chat with Kevin Schism from Gmuend days last week. He's doing pretty well, despite dealing with Gulf War Syndrome from Iraq War (ver 1.0).

    Hope you're well.

    Sonny Bertoncini