Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tasting: canned beef

I canned some beef (cubed) earlier this year and broke some out last night for dinner. It was tender and tasted like roast beef.

Served with mashed potatoes and steamed cauliflower. I think I'm going to try frying cauliflower sometime. I had it fried at Ali Baba and it was interesting; the high heat developed some brussel sprout flavors in the white veggie.

Speaking of mashed potatoes, have you had instant mashed potatoes lately? I'm something of a purist and use a potato ricer for my smashed potato adventures. I have rejected instant mashed potatoes as heresy, partly for their "instant" nature and partly for the horrific flavor and texture I remember from the 80s. Recently my SIL gave us a packet of them to try. I sneered for a couple of months and then we made them. Wow. I don't know what happened to the technology since the 80s but these were really good. And at ~$1/bag they are pretty cheap. And storable. The thing that's really got my head spinning is that I don't think I can consistently make homemade smashed potatoes as good as these new instant packages.

So now there are a couple pouches in our pantry and a couple in our 72hr kit.


  1. Steam the Cauliflower, then run it through your potato ricer or a food processor. Season with salt, pepper (white pepper works better) garlic and some butter. You can even stream the garlic and run it through the ricer at the same time with the cauliflower. That moderates the potentially over powering garlic. It makes a great healthy alternative to mashed taters.

  2. Sounds great, Bert. I'll give it a try.

    For onlookers: Sonny/Bert, Kevin from a previous day's comment, and I served together in the army in the (former) W. Germany in the 80s. By the time I processed out in '88 parts of our battalion were already being deactivated per the Reagan/Gorbachev INF treaty.

  3. Is that were you guys learned to cook? :)

    Ok, so I love instant mashed potatoes, and I know it's blasphemous to say, but I even prefer them, not because they're sooooo much quicker but because I think they're more flavorful too. Abrahm will spend time making his 'from scratch' and I find myself missing all of the fake cheese flavoring.