Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saying good night to a good dog

I would have thought this kind of thing would get easier with age.


  1. It never does. It's just the trade off we make to enjoy the companionship and the unconditional love offered by a really good dog.

    I have a 14 year old Lab mix laying right at my feet now. She's old, arthritic and you can see the beginning of cataract haziness in her eyes. She's a really good dog, always has been. She bears no malice to anyone (except squirrels) and has outlasted two wives. I know I'll lose her sometime pretty soon. She doesn't quite get why I'm looking at her so oddly now, but senses I need a warm furry head to rub. It's the little things you end up missing most...

  2. Read the book One Good Dog. It is exceptional and you will enjoy it. As a matter of fact, dog lovers are exceptional people. I am sorry for your loss Churchmouse.