Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ahh, Texas

Let me assure you that long hair on boys is NOT at the epicenter of problems in public schools. Generally speaking, the boys with hair in their eyes or touching their collars are NOT disrupting your kids' classrooms and preventing them from learning, NOT screaming or shoving each other around in the halls, and NOT being pulled out of the classroom by the police during class.

Preservation (and subsequent enforcement) of silly, backwards rules like this is deckchair rearranging of the most desperate kind.

For the record, my hair has been buzzed to #2-#3 length for the past few years. I have no personal skin in this game. I do find gender-specific rules repugnant.

Anecdote: I once was lectured on my then-long hair by a particularly unpleasant (and very short-haired) accountant. She cited Corinthians on this but conveniently forgot to mention that passage's references to short female hair. She was unamused when I pointed this out and encouraged her to re-read the passage.

I suspect this kind of religiosity is, obliquely, at the heart of many Texas dress codes.

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