Thursday, January 21, 2010

rockbox report: iPod mini 2g 4GB

Second traded mp3 player came in the mail. This one is a silver iPod mini 2nd gen, 4GB player.

The clickwheel functionality and build of the Mini is superior to the sansa, but it weighs more and has no place to attach a lanyard that I can see. The screen is larger but is monochrome and has much slower refresh. There is a bit of lag in the iPod UI. That's odd, as both units use dual 80mHz ARM chips that appear to be very similar (pp5022 v. pp5024 PortalPlayer stuff). Maybe it's just a slow screen refresh making the UI look slow.

Rockbox slipped right on painlessly. Rockbox for iPod mini 2G (manual in .pdf) will let you dual boot; rockbox for when you want to control your destiny and Apple firmware for when you want your iPod's electromechanical soul to get savaged by whatever hellspawn invented iTunes.

Hey, have I mentioned how much I hate iTunes? I do. It's an abomination, an informational lobotomy, a power of attorney granted to an elderly uncle who wasn't that stable before senility hit him full force. It's the signing away of your birthright for a pot of soup. It's no way to live. Say no to iTunes. Say yes to something else, anything else.

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