Friday, March 5, 2010

Bing is not horrible

I've been playing with Bing for the past two months or so; I made it the default search in Firefox for research purposes.

After 60 days in the saddle I will say that Bing is ok for my casual searching, which is about 80% of my search time. I do find myself loading Google several times a week to get better results. Here are the places Bing appears to fall short in that 20% of the time where I switch to google

  • Google filetype: and site: search keywords are genius and irreplaceable.
  • Bing seems more focused on shopping-related results rather than pure research
  • Bing's interface is pretty rather than clean; I prefer clean.

LinkI'm going back to Google full time as it meets all my needs. I wanted to make sure I gave Bing a fair shake.

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