Friday, March 19, 2010

scary: targeted Nigerian scam

Everyone knows the Nigerian scam. Easy to spot.

This one is a little scary; it mentioned my first and last name and an old address I used to actually live at. I suspect the info leaked out of Yahoo somehow, as that is the account info I had on file there and was delivered to the Yahoo email address. Nice.

Other than that it's the normal "we'll put money in your account" scam.

[myLastName redacted] [myFirstName redacted]
[myLastName redacted], [myFirstName redacted]

[myStreetAddress and myApartmentNumber redacted]

[myZip, nearbyCity (incorrect), myState redacted] USA

Dear sir/madame

My name is Wang Huang , i am the vice president sales and business development of Huang Steels Group. We are looking for Account officers in Europe and North America who can help us collect our funds from our customers . Your function is to accept our payments from our customers who because of language bareers or japanese laws could not remitt or trranferring our monneey .

We loose millions fof dollars every year from customers and coporate clients who site such reasons as why they can not pay . Japanese laws is very rigid and sometimes we neeed you to help pay other partners to avoid japanese tax man , if you know what i mean.

For your services , we will pay 10% of any payment you receiving on our behalf .

Upon your interest, we will like you to contact our recruitment lawyer in the UK , who will verify your details further . You will have to sign an MOU with him before we can proceed and he will verify your ID and your addresses.

His contact details is as follows:

Perry Nott(esq)
Principal partner
Fulbright & Shepherd UK
Tel: +(44)203-239-[redacted]
Mobile: +(44)-703940[redacted].

The job refrence number is 349877. Contact him if you are interested. Because of our anti-spam policy, if you are not interested in this job offer, reply to this email in capital letter STOP .


Wang Huang

VP sales and business development

Company address:
1-8, 2-chome, Bingo-machi, Chuo-ku
Osaka 541-0-051 , Japan
Tel: +81-6-6537-[redacted]
Mail: wang.huang@huangsteelsgroup.[redacted]

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  1. I work at a law firm and I got this one:

    Attn: The Managing Partner –
    We the management of Huang Steels Group Japan requires your legal service/representation for one of our companies Customers in your country. We are of the opinion that the ability to consolidate payments from your country will reduce delays due to inter-continental monetary transaction between Japan and your country.
    We understand that a proper Attorney Client Retainer will provide the necessary authorization and we are most inclined to commence talks as soon as possible. Your consideration of our request is highly anticipated and we look forward to your prompt response to our request .
    Respectfully submitted,
    Wang Huang (President/CEO) Huang Steels Group1-8, 2-chome, Bingo-machi, Chuo-ku Osaka 541-0-051 , JapanTel: +81-6-6537-1543 Fax: +81-6-6537-1543 eMail: