Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fair and Balanced: a decent Walmart, plus a kosher market

Ok, I was a little rough on Walmart in the previous post. So I thought I'd show'em some love.

I like the Walmart Neighborhood market on the east side of Coit between Belt Line and Arapaho. No big box stuff, only groceries and related gear. The selection is about normal (decent) and the price is about normal (good-to-great) but the overall ambience is really why you would go. It's like walmart and Whole Foods had a baby.

Quiet, not crowded, and good prices. If it weren't on the other side of town from me it might be my go-to grocery.

BTW, the my Chinese connection at work (Speaks Cantonese) says that Tong's, which shares the same parking lot and was thought to be the best authentic Chinese food in the north Dallas area, has sold and lost its luster. :-(

Also in the same parking lot is a relative newcomer, the Milk and Honey Jewish market. A small market full of kshr goods, it also has a lunch counter. I bought some tea and crackers there. Picked up a QBLH newsletter and chatted a bit with the cashier. Turns out his brother owns the place. I'd like to stop in and have lunch some time. The bad pic above is an attempt to show where Milk and Honey is.

Speaking of kshr, my recent forays into Arabic markets has introduced me to halal, which seems to be ritually pure food for Muslims the way that KSHR food is for Jewish folks. I ate some halal marshmallows; they were better-than-average but also cost about 3x as much as a bag of Kraft marshmallows would.

Now that's a pretty good digression. Walmart to halal marshmallows in about 5 minutes.

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