Sunday, December 9, 2007

Palomina's - breakfast review

The DW and I just got back from Palomina's, in the Heights shopping center at Beltline/75. I think the addy is "100 s central expy".

Had weekend breakfast @ $6.99. Drinks $1.69.

Heavily tex-mex influence. I got the feeling that this is what our Mexican brethren eat for breakfast. Made one plate per buffet table, as is my usual practice. Little bit of everything then go back for what I liked.

Win: scrambled eggs and corn tortillas mixed up. Bacon. Odd texmex roast beef. Nice open space (used to be the Juan's many of us loved in that spot). Tolerable decor and not insanely noisy. Waitstaff took away the plates at about the right pace. Some kind of pale beef broth fat soup.

Lose: Nothing was really particularly good. Kinda like a low-end vegas buffet. Or about the quality you find in a low-end Chinese buffet. The menudo was not appetizing, although I usually like it.

We might go back for dinner some night but not breakfast again.

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