Friday, December 21, 2007

Worst. Walmart. Ever.

Ok, so Walmart can be exasperating even under the best of conditions. (A comic once noted about NASCAR, "if I wanted to watch rednecks go around in circles I would go to Walmart".) But the one at 75/Midpark is horrific.

I think you can sometimes tell about the inside of a retail store by the parking lot situation outside. This parking lot is chaotic, dirty, and full of people who cannot walk, drive, or park like humans. The inside of the store is full of people who cannot walk, shop, or park their carts like humans.

Here are the special features available once you actually get inside the door:
* loud parents that shout to each other across the store
* Screaming snotty kids
* carts parked side-by-side in the aisle so no one can walk by
* staff that actually blocks your shopping activities (I don't care if you don't help; please don't keep me from selecting an item or from paying for it).
* slothlike cashiers
* moronic customers who want to jabber and "confront" the sloth about some percentage of rung-up items.
* moronic customers whose cards get declined and who then have to "confront" someone about it.

Then there are the carts dragged across the nearby neighborhoods and abandoned upside down or on their side. Items opened in the lot and the packaging thrown on the asphalt. Used diapers and wipes in the lot.

If you find yourself needing AA batteries in the middle of the night, go to 7-11 instead and happily pay the 50% markup. You will be happier for it and be less likely to be shot.

This place needs to be bulldozed.

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  1. Rumor has it, it is on the chopping block for a bulldoze job and replacement in the near future.