Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pho Pasteur II - dinner review

Ate at the famed Pho Pasteur II today. It was good but not transcendant. The DW and I have eaten at the (original?) Pho Pasteur in Carrollton and like this Richardson restaurant and food better.

Win: great decor; almost hip. Well-constructed spring rolls. Attentive service. Good (though not great) broth; slightly bland with a barely noticeable soapy aftertaste? Good tripe. Discreet but easily viewed flatscreens for football. Nice big coke glasses.

Lose:spring rolls small and somewhat more expensive than usual. Screaming children during our visit though that is not the fault of the restaurant.

In case you're wondering, here is how I rate pho:

1. Pho Huy from the mid-late 90s. Amazing.
2. Tie: Pho Huy now, Pho Pasteur II. Good.
3. Pho Pasteur (Carrollton), Pho Bistro (Carrollton). Respectable.

Pho Pasteur II
1342 E. Beltline Rd
Richardson, Tx 75081

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