Sunday, December 9, 2007

Some things have changed.

The Main Street old downtown strip (don't know what else to call it) appears to have been revamped. Lee's Catfish is gone. Old Downtown is now about 2/3 asian and 1/3 indo-european instead of mainly asian.

I like the mix.

When people talk about diversity, this is the kind I like to see. People from different parts of the world bringing their restaurants, markets, and other businesses to the neighborhood. It's the kind of exposure to other peoples that 18th cen. Brits called the "penny university": eat and drink with different people and expand one's horizons. Maybe I'm an elistist jerk; or maybe I like to sit out under the awning drinking turkish coffee with well-behaved people rather than getting stabbed/murdered/carjacked in other neighborhoods which are euphemistically called "diverse" but are actually monocultural (and dysfunctional).

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