Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mediterranean Cafe and Bakery - dinner buffet review

Took the DW there. She is picky and normally does not like different foods. The buffet was decently although not overly large. Traditional stuff you might find at a Greek/Turkish/Arabic restaurant: yoghurt-based dips, hummus, hot pita bread, skewers of beef, shaved gyro {meat} (I think this one was about 2/3 beef and 1/3 lamb).

Wins: nice decor and soft arabic music. Food decently executed; nice hummus and raw vegetable salads with vinegar and lemon juice on it, I think. Unidentifiable, oily, complex-looking soup that I liked.

Loses: didn't get a water refill from the pleasant-but-inattentive hostess/cashier; she was holding the fort down by herself with 20 ppl in there so maybe she got a little overrun. The ricepudding/kheer (?) was much looser and had more rosewater in it than I am used to. Odd cake that looked just like cornbread but tasted like an american 1950s spicecake (which I do not like).

About 50% arabic and indian diners, about 50% anglo. I like to see a healthy segment of international clientele in places that serve international food - I want to eat what the locals eat. Also helps with unwieldy items because you can see how the "locals" do it.

Dinner was $8.99 IIRC. Dear wife suggested she would be willing to go back (yay!) and wondered aloud where we might get some music like that...

Mediterranean Cafe and Bakery is at 100 s central expy in the Heights shopping center. Many neat Indian shops there, so wander around a bit. Also the excellent Masami, which I will post about some other time.

Note: corrected {typo} and repaired title.

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