Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sultan Cafe and Hookah - dinner review

This one is a couple of blocks from the house, and during the summer always had a hopping patio scene out back.

Went on a chillier night and no one was on the patio. Upon entry, it appears to me that the hookah part is to the left and the dinner part is to the right. The Hookah smoke does not intrude on dinner. Older arabic-speaking men smoked leisurely and watched the TV (which was mercifully out of sight from the dining area).

I had a kebab plate at the suggestion of the friendly hostess. It was beautifully {presented} on a long rectangular plate.

Win: the food was good: kebabs, bread, hummus, sauces/salads, mint tea.

Lose: bread not replaced after I snarfed it down. Rather pricey at $20 for just myself.

I will attempt to paste in a really crappy cellphone pic, which I had to lighten with GIMP to make it visible at all. Don't laugh.

Sultan Cafe
201 S Greenville Ave
Richardson, TX 75081
(972) 235-7900

{edited to correct a typo}

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